How to Change the World Podcast


How to Change the World Podcast

Sowing the Seeds of Change

How to Change the World Javelina Podcast with Catherine Alonzo

Through conversations with all kinds of people in a wide range of jobs and industries we take a microscopic look at what it takes to make change. We look at why change is sometimes feared and at other times celebrated, what it takes to have a change-focused mindset and how we can be creating tomorrow’s change today.

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Episode 4

Maricela Solis - Director of Operations and Government Relations, World View Enterprises

In our personal and professional lives we often encounter all sorts of life-changing challenges that affect the way we move forward. Maricela Solis’ strength and the perseverance of her family in the military with a young son and husband experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder will inspire you. In the fourth episode of our podcast Maricela and I discuss the way our lives can change forever.

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Episode 3

Anand Varma - Photographer, National Geographic

Anand Varma, How to Change the Word Podcast Javelina Guest

In my experience, dream jobs are always unplanned and Anand Varma is no different. As a child, he dreamed of becoming a marine biologist because he was fascinated by fish and other marine species and even went to school for marine biology. And then he kind of accidentally found photography and has built this incredibly fascinating career. In this interview Anand shares the story of how he came to be a photographer for National Geographic and we talk about his approach to his amazing work.

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Episode 2

Jay Parry - Chief Operating Officer, Women’s National Basketball Association

Jay Perry, How to Change the Word Podcast Javelina Guest

Jay is a personal friend of mine and a professional that I admire so much. I was so honored to sit down with her and talk with her about her career, her job, and what it looks like to create change. Prior to working for the WNBA Jay was the President/CEO of the Arizona Super Bowl host committee. She worked really closely in that role with the NFL and with the local community to execute a record-breaking Super Bowl 49. We discuss her career and she shares some great insights.

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Episode 1

Jeannette Maré - Founder and Executive Director, Ben’s Bells

Jeannette Maré, How to Change the Word Podcast Javelina Guest

Jeannette has experienced unimaginable change and she makes huge change every single day. The work of Jeannette and the nonprofit she founded and runs, Ben’s Bells, literally changes people’s lives on a daily basis. She shares the story of her son Ben and how kindness helped her through the darkest period of her life. She’s an incredible human being and you’ll learn how we can all be kinder to one another.

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