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How to Change the World Podcast

Sowing the Seeds of Change

How to Change the World Javelina Podcast with Catherine Alonzo

Through conversations with all kinds of people in a wide range of jobs and industries we take a microscopic look at what it takes to make change. We look at why change is sometimes feared and at other times celebrated, what it takes to have a change-focused mindset and how we can be creating tomorrow’s change today.

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Episode 29

Adam Callow - Startups are trending

Adam Callow is the Founder and CEO of ExpertTrades. An entrepreneur at heart, Adam has chased his dreams of starting his own company.

Adam sits down with us to talk shop, the entrepreneurial spirit and what it takes to forge your own path. Change-engineers will not want to miss out on Adam’s tale of realizing his own strengths and leveraging those into a successful business.

In his free time, Adam also has a podcast. Check out his interview with our CEO, Catherine Alonzo, on StartUp Diary.

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Episode 28

AiVi Nguyen - Law Partner at 31? Boss.

AiVi Nguyen became a partner at Bowditch & Dewey at just 31 – a testament to how intelligent, dedicated, and driven she is. As the daughter of Vietnamese refugees she grew up in public housing and had limited resources. But despite the obstacles, she was driven to reach the Ivy League and pursue a successful law career.

We sit down for an inspiring conversation with AiVi to talk about opportunity and how to find and open doors when there’s seemingly none to be found.

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Episode 27

Jack Wight and Carrie Dougher - Who wouldn't want a little extra change in their pocket?

We have a special interview this week featuring two guests: CEO Jack Wight and COO Carrie Dougher of Buyback Boss. They encourage folks who have old iPhones and Samsungs lying around to put them to good use by selling them back through their company, which offers cash payment.

The story of Buyback Boss is a fascinating one. Jack started the company out of his Arizona State University dorm room and Carrie lived just next door. Up to his ears in used phones and shipment packaging, Carrie’s top-notch Excel skills added systems and process to a great idea. A few years down the road, Jack’s natural entrepreneurialism and Carrie’s operational prowess have created a rapidly growing company, with a team of eleven and expanding profits. We talk to them about how it all started, the lessons they’ve learned, and what the future holds.

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Episode 26

Sherry Michaels - The remote work lifer

Working from home is very fashionable.

It wasn’t always that way though. Sherry Michaels started working remotely 30 years ago – before it was a “thing” – and she has been running her own company of work-from-homers for 20 years. Change is coming to the modern workplace and working remotely is on the rise.

Learn what it’s really like from a remote work lifer.

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Episode 25

Noah Karvelis - Leading a movement for education

If you’ve been in Arizona or on the internet lately, chances are you’ve heard of the #RedforEd movement for increased public education funding. Support has been posted in business windows, written on vehicles, discussed on national news, worn on shirts, and resulted in a historic teacher walkout across the state.

This week, we sit down with one of the people who helped to start it all. Noah Karvelis co-founded Arizona Educators United and helped spark the #RedforEd movement in Arizona. We discussed the reality for Arizona educators today, how teachers mobilized, and what leading a movement has been like every step of the way.

The movement continues. 270,000 signatures were recently submitted to the Arizona Secretary of State to place the Invest in Education Act on the state’s ballot this November. Due to the inaction of the Arizona State Legislature earlier this year, this ballot initiative seeks to raise the revenue necessary to restore some of the $1 billion that has been cut from public schools since 2008. Javelina is excited and honored to be a partner in this effort as the general consultant on the campaign moving forward.

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Episode 24

Gloria Feldt - Taking the lead to achieve gender parity

Not-so-fun-fact: Did you know that fewer than 20% of top leaders across all sectors are women?

Thankfully there are extraordinary people like Gloria Feldt who are trailblazing the way and vigilantly fighting for gender parity.

Gloria is the Co-Founder and President of Take the Lead, a nonprofit focused on preparing, developing, inspiring, and propelling women to leadership positions. And that’s after she rose through Planned Parenthood’s ranks to serve as President and CEO of the national organization from 1996-2005. Oh, and she’s a New York Times best-selling author too.

She joins the podcast to share her incredible journey, the wonders of internal and external barriers to leadership, and how we can make the world a more equal place.

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Episode 23

Mi-Ai Parrish - On her path from newspaper intern to publisher

Mi-Ai Parrish, former publisher of The Arizona Republic and current professor at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, joins us to discuss her path from intern to publisher, how she came to trust her instincts, and handling a barrage of death threats after taking a stand for what she believed in.

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Episode 22

Ellis Palmer - Change doesn't always mean making something different

Ellis Palmer, Senior Broadcast Journalist at the BBC, joins the podcast this week. Ellis was born super early, resulting in cerebral palsy. He opens up about growing up, living, and working with a disability. We chat about the changes that would make everyday better – like accessible Tube stations. Get your day on the right track with Ellis’s story.

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Episode 21

Hanna Miller - Juggling the change from the circus to consulting

Hanna is the CEO & Founder of Ringmaster, where she works with teams to understand their gifts and maximize their talents. We talk with Hanna about the importance of leaning into your strengths to create lasting and meaningful change – and we also chat about her time in the circus.

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Episode 20

Sean Mendez - Fighting for justice and facing the unimaginable

On June 14, 2017, the Grenfell Tower fire in West London claimed seventy-one lives. It was one of the deadliest fires in Britain over the past century.

Sean Mendez has close ties to the community devastated by the fire. He runs Solidarity Sports, a nonprofit that works with at-risk and disadvantaged youth. That night, Sean lost children he worked with and members of their families. Sean talked to us with grace and passion about the devastating impact of the tragedy, fighting for justice for the families affected, and facing the unimaginable.

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Episode 19

Rick McCartney - Coming out at age 47 and embracing change

Rick McCartney came out as a gay man at the age of 47 and it changed his life.

We talk about his incredible journey – from what it’s like to come out when you have a family to navigating new relationships and the unknown. Rick is President and CEO of InMedia, a multimedia development company, so we talk a little business along the way too.

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Episode 18

Debi Chess Mabie - Acknowledging a painful history and beginning powerful new chapters

100 years ago, the Dunbar School in Tucson, Arizona opened its doors as a segregated school. It was the only school in the city that served African-American children up until 1951. As you can imagine, it’s a place with a complex history.

We dive into that history with Debi Chess Mabie and discuss her work to revitalize the space and elevate the contributions of African-Americans in Tucson. We also discuss her 100-year view, what a legacy means, and how no matter what – our plans are constantly subject to change.

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Episode 17

Drena Kusari - Life-altering changes from the past and future

Drena discusses her experience living through the war in Kosovo as a teenager, leaving for the United States for her last year of school, and how it shaped her as a person.

Today, she is the General Manager of the Southwest Region for Lyft and she dives into how she got there, what she loves about her job, the change happening in ridesharing, and how Lyft is providing solutions to community challenges to create opportunity.

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Episode 16

Grace Gámez - How the criminal justice system shapes a life

One of the biggest life changes anyone can experience is becoming justice system-involved.

Going through the system means enduring a broken, confusing process that turns lives upside down and changes people forever.

Grace Gámez shares with us her personal story of involvement with the criminal justice system, the changes that need to happen to make improvements, and the impact that opening up to share a personal story has on the storyteller.

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Episode 15

Carlos Terrazas - Overcoming negative change to live positively

Change is not always for the better.

Change is often thought of as a good thing, new human rights protections or funding for education, but what happens when change is forced upon us that we didn’t ask for? Not all change is welcomed.

This week on the podcast, Carlos Terrazas talks with us about living with uninvited change when he became paralyzed at 19 years old in a rollover car accident. Hear how he hasn’t let that become a negative point in his life.

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Episode 14

Tracey Beal and Jill Hicks - Executive Director and Director of Business Partnerships at School Connect

Tracey Beal and Jill Hicks of School Connect join us and share how they help our schools impact lives and form lasting relationships through partnerships. They tell us about the pivotal moments in their lives, how to ensure every partnership is a win-win situation, and how everyone has something valuable to give – no matter how big or small.

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Episode 13

Andrei Cherny - CEO and Co-Founder of Aspiration

Andrei Cherny has seen, experienced, and been a force for change throughout his life. He joins us to share his remarkable story as a son born to immigrants to working in the White House to starting his own socially-conscious banking and investing company.

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Episode 12

Nate Rhoton - Executive Director at One N Ten

Nate talks about growing up LGBTQ in a Mormon family and coming out in his twenties. He also shares his story about making the change from a corporate background to leading a nonprofit, what he’s learned from volunteerism, and how he’s gathered mentors to help him in his new leadership role.

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Episode 11

Alex Macpherson - International Academy Partnership Executive at Celtic Football Club

Alex Macpherson, brother of Catherine Alonzo, joins us to talk about the twists, turns and changes he’s encountered from college to his current career. The two siblings also open up about growing up in a grieving family after the tragic loss of their older brother.

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Episode 10

Janey Pearl Starks - Associate Director of Marketing and Engagement, Mountain Park Health Center

Janey Pearl Starks discusses change moments in her life that have inspired her to make a positive impact in the world. From her grandfather’s influence, to her immigration at a young age, to the moment she discovered she had a brain tumor – Janey shares the pivotal points in her life that have made her the woman she is today.

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Episode 9

Shane Greer - Co-Owner, Campaigns and Elections

Ever wondered what role business’ play in social change and how society benefits from innovation? Shane Greer, Co-Owner of Campaigns and Elections shares his thoughts with us. He also discusses the #MeToo movement and how lasting political change might come about.

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Episode 8

Tomas Robles - Co-Executive Director, Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA)

Tomas Robles

In 2016, Arizonans overwhelmingly voted to increase the minimum wage and provide earned sick time for workers. This week’s episode gives you a behind-the-curtain peek into the story of this historic change. It’s a much more complicated tale than you might expect, and it starts with one man: Tomas Robles, Co-Executive Director of Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA). Tomas shares about his background in the military, the challenges he faced growing up, how he got into organizing – and most important – how he overcame doubt and obstacles to realize a vision of change he believes in.

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Episode 7

Paul Penzone - Sheriff, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

Paul Penzone

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has a long history of drawing national attention and coverage for all the wrong reasons. But in 2016, all that changed. Voters brought in a new sheriff – Paul Penzone. Sheriff Penzone believes in being the change you want to see, so he ran for office to bring change to an office he believed could do better for the communities it serves. He’s been in office a bit over a year now and you can learn how he’s turned the organization around for all the right reasons.

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Episode 6

Tanya Alvarez - CEO and Co-Founder, OwnersUp

Tanya Alvarez

Starting and growing a business is tough work. 90% of companies fail within their first five years. But Tanya Alvarez is working to change that. She’s the CEO and Co-Founder of OwnersUp, a place for solopreneurs to team-up, problem solve and supercharge their growth. Hear about the importance of building the right team, connecting to others, and how Tanya relies on teams to do everything in life – including finding her husband.

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Episode 5

Alicia Maule - Assistant Director of Digital Communications, The Innocence Project

Alicia Maule - Innocence Project

As Assistant Director of Digital Communications, Alicia Maule helps tell the powerful stories of the people The Innocence Project serves. If you’re not familiar with The Innocence Project, it is a national non-profit legal organization that is committed to exonerating wrongly convicted people through DNA testing. We dive into a discussion about the criminal justice system at large and it is such an eye-opening, and important conversation. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share their work with you.

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Episode 4

Maricela Solis - Director of Operations and Government Relations, World View Enterprises

In our personal and professional lives we often encounter all sorts of life-changing challenges that affect the way we move forward. Maricela Solis’ strength and the perseverance of her family in the military with a young son and husband experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder will inspire you. In the fourth episode of our podcast Maricela and I discuss the way our lives can change forever.

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Episode 3

Anand Varma - Photographer, National Geographic

Anand Varma, How to Change the Word Podcast Javelina Guest

In my experience, dream jobs are always unplanned and Anand Varma is no different. As a child, he dreamed of becoming a marine biologist because he was fascinated by fish and other marine species and even went to school for marine biology. And then he kind of accidentally found photography and has built this incredibly fascinating career. In this interview Anand shares the story of how he came to be a photographer for National Geographic and we talk about his approach to his amazing work.

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Episode 2

Jay Parry - Chief Operating Officer, Women’s National Basketball Association

Jay Perry, How to Change the Word Podcast Javelina Guest

Jay is a personal friend of mine and a professional that I admire so much. I was so honored to sit down with her and talk with her about her career, her job, and what it looks like to create change. Prior to working for the WNBA Jay was the President/CEO of the Arizona Super Bowl host committee. She worked really closely in that role with the NFL and with the local community to execute a record-breaking Super Bowl 49. We discuss her career and she shares some great insights.

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Episode 1

Jeannette Maré - Founder and Executive Director, Ben’s Bells

Jeannette Maré, How to Change the Word Podcast Javelina Guest

Jeannette has experienced unimaginable change and she makes huge change every single day. The work of Jeannette and the nonprofit she founded and runs, Ben’s Bells, literally changes people’s lives on a daily basis. She shares the story of her son Ben and how kindness helped her through the darkest period of her life. She’s an incredible human being and you’ll learn how we can all be kinder to one another.

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