Thank you to all who participated in Javelina’s first Change the World Awards! We absolutely loved learning more about the people and stories you found inspirational in 2019. Now, on to the winners!


The Winner of Best News Story of 2019…

By a LANDSLIDE, the Belen Soto Elementary School Naming is the winner of the Best News Story of 2019! Thanks to Shelly Hornback for submitting this wonderful example of honoring history while motivating future generations.Β 

Reread this great news story and learn more about Belen Soto Elementary school here:Β 

And the winner of the Influential People Creating Change category is….

Congratulations to Lloyd Hopkins, founder of the Million Dollar Teacher Project, for his WIN in the first-ever Change the World Awards!Β 

We received over 500 votes in this category alone! The race was close, but Lloyd came out victorious.Β 

Learn more about Lloyd Hopkins and the great work he does with the Million Dollar Teacher Project:

Special thanks to Sharmin Dharas, Liz Mason, Amalia Luxardo, Brent Downs, Marchelle Franklin, and Iain Hamp for being fantastic nominees who are doing phenomenal work in their communities.

And big thanks again to everyone who voted, making the Change the World Awards such an exciting event– we cannot wait to do it again next year.Β 


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