Every other Friday, the Javelina team posts right here on javelina.co/blog. Our Friday blog can be anything: a story about changemakers, some advice we’ve cooked up for you, a useful tool we want to share, and so on. No matter what it is, it’s always in service of our purpose as an organization: to advance equality and human dignity through social, political, and economic change. If you’re reading this, we’d guess that purpose is important to you, too. 

It’s been quite the year – a year where the cause of equality and human dignity feels more distant and more vital than ever. Today, we want to share some of our favorite posts of the year, along with some stories from other outlets where the Javelina herd has shown up. We hope this retrospective is as heartening for you as it is for us.


And the Winners Are…

In February, Javelina held the first “Change the World Awards,” honoring changemakers across sectors who are making a difference for the future of their communities. Read more about the Change the World Award winners and what they’re doing to build a better world for all of us.

Meet the Woman Behind the Country’s Effort to Embrace Mail Voting in 2020

We were so excited about this article from Time, featuring Amber McReynolds, Javelina client and friend of voters everywhere. Check it out to learn more about Amber’s work at the National Vote at Home Institute and the mission to expand mail-in voting!


How To Effectively Lead a Team During Challenging Times

For leaders across the globe, 2020 has presented a slew of unprecedented challenges. Join Javelina CEO Catherine Alonzo as she shares some of her lessons learned throughout the year.


TikTok politics: Video-sharing app users move from hobby to headlines

In 2020, political messaging was more omnipresent than ever. Check out this article from Cronkite News on how political activism has made its way to the burgeoning, controversial TikTok platform – with a special appearance by Alana Campbell, Javelina’s resource for all things hip and youthful.


How to Reframe the Importance of Your Work During Coronavirus

In a time of near-universal struggle and pain, it can be tough to express the continued importance of your work – and even tougher to make an ask of anyone else. Learn how to harness a “Rocket Science Mindset” and find meaning in your work at all times.


What Now?

Javelina CEO Catherine Alonzo muses on a crucial question: in the wake of a long, draining election season and results that still fell short of many of our hopes, what do we do now?

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