Our favorite things about making change alongside our clients

This week, we’re taking you behind the scenes. We pulled a few members of the team away from their busy schedules to ask a question that required some reflection.

“What do you love about working with our clients to make change in the world?”

Here’s what they said.

Catherine Alonzo

CEO & Founding Partner

“Our clients are on the frontlines of making essential systemic change in our community, and there’s nothing I love more than hearing a story about how their work changes what someone thinks they are capable of. I recently heard a story from someone who benefited from the support of a Javelina client. She talked about overcoming adversity as a freshman in high school to be able to live a life different from what she ever imagined as possible for herself and I was struck by how life-changing powerful storytelling can be. When we tell someone a story of what they’re capable of, they can imagine it – often for the first time. And then they make it happen.” 

Alana Campbell

Director of Project Operations

“Our reproductive rights clients are some of my favorites. Helping them in their work to protect and expand access to sexual and reproductive health services, while using powerful storytelling to change the narrative around abortion care and beat harmful stigmas? That’s the best part of my job.” 

Justin Plumb

Senior Associate for Project Operations




“I love seeing the work we do with our clients become real. When a message or a brand we worked on ends up on social media, at an in-person event, or in a piece of printed or digital collateral, the work stops being abstract and starts being tangible. During political direct mail season, I wait by my mailbox every day for new pieces to arrive that showcase our client’s story and campaign strategy. I keep them all because there are so many that I love to go back to.”

Kylie McKenzie


“I love meeting people who are doing amazing work to create positive change, then figuring out how we can most effectively tell their message in order to maximize their impact. It feels like a privilege to be able to speak to and learn from people who are passionate and proactive about causes close to my heart.”

Jake Kless

Senior Branding & Marketing Associate




“For me, there’s not much better than a launch. It’s pretty cool to see somebody wearing a t-shirt with a logo you worked on. But it gets much deeper than that – when you hear that messaging you wrote led to a nonprofit getting a crucial grant, or a candidate you worked with passes a big bill after they won their election, that’s huge. Keeping up with our clients long after we complete a project is like an eternal source of satisfaction.”

Digging into why we love our work turned out to be more of an examination of why we love our clients and their work! Thanks for reflecting with us – if you’re working to make community change in the world, tell us what you love most about it! We’d love to hear from you at hello@javelina.co

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