Happy Presidents’ Day! 

Although US History has certainly had its ups and downs, we have definitely had some great presidents lead our country. So, in honor of all the fascinating, change-inspiring leaders of the White House’s past, we asked team Javelina: Who is your favorite President?

Justin Plumb | Client Associate

I’m a huge American history buff, so I’m going with the most interesting president and not my favorite. Lyndon Johnson is, in my opinion, the most fascinating president. He’s probably one of the most economically progressive presidents in American history, and he was able to pass the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts. Despite those huge progressive victories, he championed the Vietnam War, and the activist base ended up pushing him out because of that.

Sydney Kasper | Marketing & Communications Intern

Martin Van Buren. Of all of the presidents, he has the best hair! You can’t beat that– MVB is the MVP. 🙂 Jokes aside, I’d have to say President Obama is my favorite president, simply because I truly felt like our country was in such good hands.

Catherine Alonzo | CEO

Obama. He was the first one I got to vote for, and I was endlessly proud to do so.

Rob DuRay | VP Colorado Office

FDR. His presidency was the last real time we invested meaningfully in this country and its people. It would be great to get back there.

Laurielle Schwab | Communications Intern

FDR. He led the country through the Great Depression and WW2 and was still able to establish Social Security and expand on forest conservation. Plus, his fireside chats created a sense of transparency in the presidency.

Michelle Thomas | Client Communications Associate 

President Lincoln. He was bold and strategic. His impact took the country one step closer to alignment with the core belief that everyone is created equal.

Bill Scheel | Founding Partner

Barack Obama. He set a standard that (apparently) is quite difficult for others to meet.

Alana Campbell | Strategic Growth & Projects Manager

President Obama. #hope

Looks like the herd has a lot in common when it comes to our fave presidents!

Now we’re gonna turn the question back on you: Who is YOUR favorite president and why? Drop us your responses in our social media comments @javelinaco or shoot us an email at info@javelina.co — we’d love to know your answers!


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