As a company, Javelina’s purpose is to advance equality and human dignity through social, political, and economic change. That’s one of the reasons that, throughout 2021, we’ve published a regular blog with information and opinion about how to affect positive change in the world.

We know that most of you—our readers—are building for change in your own right, whether through your day job, volunteer time, or just the way you show up in life. From insurrection to pandemic, 2021 was a challenging year, yet through it all we’ve been proud to work alongside our clients and friends and are encouraged by how many people are taking action to make a difference.

You can view all the Javelina blog posts here, but today we’re taking a look back at our favorites from the year. From all of us to all of you, best wishes for a safe and healthy new year filled with inspiration and affirmation. 

The Days Behind Us and the Path Ahead

In the wake of January 6th, many of us felt like our illusions about America were shattered once again. What was the promise of the next four years? Was there truly a way forward? Our CEO, Catherine Alonzo, asked “How can we stay focused on change when the roadblocks feel insurmountable?” – and answered, in one of our favorite blogs this year.

How to Make a Difference When You’re Completely Burned Out

As we neared our one-year anniversary with COVID-19, Catherine wrote a special blog addressing something many of us can relate to: being completely, totally, and inexorably exhausted. (Check out her list of 10 easy things you can do right now to make a difference!)

Not a Monolith: How to Engage Latino Voters

In 2020, Democrats lost ground with Latino voters in a lot of key races. We asked: “What mistakes are campaigns and strategists making?” In this blog, our team took a deep dive into the lessons of the 2020 campaign cycle.

How to Use Control Framing to Affect Positive Change

Think of this blog as a masterclass in messaging from our very own David Waid. David writes a powerful analysis of our socio-political moment, in all its complexity and difficulty, and shares a great trick to cut through the noise.

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