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Josh Zaragoza

As Javelina’s Vice President for Digital Strategy and Data Analytics, Josh Zaragoza is combining his passion for data, technology and innovation with his character values of perseverance, empathy and ingenuity to build a high-impact multiscreen advertising department with sophisticated data solutions. And changing the community he cares about in the process.

Prior to Javelina, Josh founded Elected Digital, a data-driven digital media agency. He recognized there was no one in the Southwest harnessing the power of Big Data and leveraging it to shape narratives or shift opinions with powerful, poignant stories and target with laser-like precision. In many ways, this still rings true today and in that same spirit, he will continue to fill the same digital gaps challenging us today in this ever-evolving, fragmented media landscape with the Javelina team.

Josh’s experience ranges from being a political consultant at a public affairs firm to directing political strategy for the nation's largest LGBTQ advocacy organization to serving as a chief of staff for a member of the Phoenix City Council. He has crafted winning strategies for Fortune 500 companies, public and private labor unions, Arizona’s largest school district, and prominent political leaders. As a result, he is battle tested and remains adaptive in our modern-day, hyper intensive media environment.

Josh is a proud native Arizonan and first generation college graduate. He graduated with honors in Political Science from Arizona State University and went on to earn his Masters degree from King’s College London’s renowned War Studies Department.

In addition to his love of technology and data, Josh is a die hard NBA fan, enjoys films, reading and peak TV. He currently resides in central Phoenix with his family.

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