Learn more about the Javelina herd in Colorado!

In 2019, Javelina decided to grow our impact by expanding beyond Arizona into Colorado. In the past three years, we’ve grown our presence exponentially – we’ve gone from just one Coloradan team member to 4 Javelinas in the state!

Beyond growing our Colorado-based herd, Javelina has continued to expand both our client and knowledge bases in Colorado. Last year, we attended the Colorado Nonprofit Association’s Connecting Colorado event, where we got to meet and hear from Coloradan changemakers about the incredible work they’re doing to propel social change, as well as how they envision the future of Colorado’s nonprofit sector.

As Javelina continues to grow the clients we serve across the nation, we’re excited to work with even more Coloradans who are building an equitable and kind Colorado. Read on to meet the Coloradan herd helping us do it:

Thomas Eng, Director of Finance & Operations

  • Work Passion: Excited to be applying years of experience (perhaps too many!?) gained in the corporate world to this side of the spectrum.
  • Personal Passion: Up for anything involving two wheels, adventuring (mountains, rivers, canyons!) and dogs!
  • Favorite Fictional Character: Napoleon Dynamite – ‘nuff said.
  • Coffee or Tea: COFFEE.

Thomas is Javelina’s financial guru, overseeing and directing all financial and operational responsibilities for Javelina. He’s our go-to person for any and all questions on finance, and our #1 most trusted person to make us laugh during staff meetings.

Prior to joining Javelina, Thomas spent years in the telecom and defense industries, where he successfully drove and achieved complex business initiatives year after year. His experience has sharpened his amazing ability to analyze numbers and decipher what they mean for the health and wellbeing of our business, as well as present them in a way that even our less ~mathematically gifted~ team members can understand.

Tom Fowler, Marketing Strategist

  • Work Passion: I’m a big problem solver. Lot of what I do has been learned by doing, especially with clients and projects often need catered adjustments. As a result, I’ve spent years figuring things out as a part of the team. Which has also led to empathy and understanding. We can always figure things out together!
  • Personal Passion: I’m really good at two things: being a dad and writing. Love my kids and helping them learn what it is to be their best selves. I also love writing, have been doing it for years so whether it’s plays, movies, or books, there’s never a shortage of projects!
  • Favorite Fictional Character: Abed Nadir from “Community.” Like him, I’m a sensitive soul and constantly have to use movies and tv as a reference to understand and frame how life works. Things can get complicated and entertainment often gives me a way to understand what’s happening in life. Also have a soft spot for nerdy members of a team like Donatello from TMNT or Beast from X-Men.
  • Coffee or Tea: Used to be coffee 100%, but health issues have made me discover alternatives. As a result, I’m now in love with Chai and Hot Chocolate!

The leader of our Marketing department, Tom has so many strengths – from looking at the bigger picture to diving into all of the small details to ensure we’re building the best possible strategy for our clients. He is skilled at both project management and creative work, so he’s excellent at coordinating our team to ensure every piece of what we do puts together the puzzles clients need solving.

With a decade of agency experience, Tom has served in a variety of roles from Producer to Content and Strategy Director, allowing him to create practical solutions without sacrificing creative, innovative ideas. And – he keeps us all entertained with endless great conversations about all things pop culture.

Bella Betancourt, Marketing Specialist

  • Work Passion: I would say my biggest strength at work is my ability to remain calm. I’ve always struggled with anxiety and that has transferred into my work life as well, but over the years I’ve really focused on the techniques that work best for me, and I’m proud of my ability to stay level-headed in a storm.
  • Personal Passion: Outside of work, my life revolves around creating memories through food! There’s nothing that makes me happier than being surrounded by my friends and family, at a cool new restaurant, and trying something different and exciting.
  • Favorite Fictional Character: My favorite fictional character at the moment is Janine from Abbott Elementary. Her positive energy, although delusional at times, is both inspiring and hilarious.
  • Coffee or Tea: I will always choose coffee over tea! Cafecito runs through my veins 

Bella is our digital extraordinaire. As our marketing specialist, she focuses on creating customer centric solutions with growth-based results and a creative approach. As a digital marketing specialist, she expresses both her creative and analytical sides on a daily basis, ensuring we can deliver complete and comprehensive strategies to our clients.

With over 5 years of background experience in customer-facing roles, combined with her certification in Digital Marketing from the University of Wisconsin, Bella spent her time prior to Javelina as a Digital Strategy Consultant for local small businesses. Now, she impresses all of us with her expert marketing skills, enviable sense of style, and never-ending positivity.

Kylie McKenzie, Copywriter

  • Work Passion: Working with clients who are passionate about creating an equitable and kind world is my favorite part of my job!
  • Personal Passion: I am extremely passionate about supporting K-pop supergroup TWICE
  • Favorite Fictional Character: Bilbo Baggins – I relate to him a LOT
  • Coffee or Tea: Love both, but tea!

A lifelong writer, Kylie is an expert researcher and storyteller. With both an eye for detail and a talent for seeing the larger narrative, she creates compelling content that serves each of our clients’ purposes and effectively tells their stories.

Kylie has been a professional copywriter for 7 years. She joined the Javelina team after serving as the senior copywriter at US Insourcing, a marketing and consulting firm, where she worked with clients in nearly every industry to develop and tailor their content to their target audiences. She’s now able to marry her passion for social change and her writing skills in her everyday work, as well as continually remind the Javelina herd when TWICE’s upcoming album will be released.

Listen to our most recent podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or on our website to hear some of our Colorado team members go into further detail about their journey to Javelina and how they apply their passions, interests, and expertise in their work here.

If you’re part of an organization, cause, or campaign in Colorado and are seeking to create equity in your community, we’d love to help you build strong connections with your audiences and maximize your impact. Please don’t hesitate to reach out at info@javelina.co.

Let’s change the world together.

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