We know… 2019 was a tough year. But, thankfully, there were plenty of stories about the good things happening here in Arizona and around the world! Here are the nominations for the Best News Story of 2019 (in order of submission). 📰


Brand new school named after the Southwest Valley’s first college graduate of Mexican-American heritage

Just last month, Litchfield Park Elementary School District’s newest school was named Belen Soto Elementary School as a tribute to the community of Mexican-Americans who worked the land of Litchfield Park from 1917 to 1986. Soto herself lived on that land and went on to lead Avondale Elementary School as teacher, assistant principal, and federal programs director for 37 years. Further, “Mrs. Soto Moreno is a beacon of educational excellence who encourages teachers to ‘really help the kids to realize what they can achieve… by continuing their education.’” We think this naming is an amazing tribute to such an inspiring individual!

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US Women’s Soccer Team won their 4th World Cup

Even if you aren’t a soccer fan, you probably remember the news of the US Women’s Soccer Team winning the World Cup title for the 4th time! This was not only a HUGE victory for the US Women’s Soccer Team, but they also used it as an opportunity to bring attention to the very important causes of equal pay between men and women and civil rights.

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⭐The 116th Congress has more female members than ever before

Women made history in November 2018 when a record-breaking number of women won seats in the 116th Congress, which officially convened for the first time in January 2019. It is also the most culturally diverse congress in American history! This victory sets an important precedent for future women political candidates, and we could not be more excited by this WIN for representation!

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Million Dollar Teacher Program held a creative classroom supply drive

Back in July 2019, the Million Dollar Teacher Program started a “Million Dollar Teacher Tree”– an opportunity for the community to give back to teachers by picking an apple from a tree and donating the items written on the apple to support educators and reduce the expense of buying classroom supplies. An innovative idea for a great cause!

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Now that you’ve had a chance to read about some of the incredible things our readers shared with us that changed the world in 2019, go vote for your favorite!


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